Photo Crystals and LED Lights – Creative Ways to Use 3D Crystal and LED Lights in Your Home

Have fun with original 3D Crystal Puzzles today! These three dimensional brainteasers are delightful to play, mentally challenging to complete, and delightful to look at. They’re recommended for preschoolers age 3 and up and take puzzling to an altogether new level. It’s like magic when you slide one of the tiny puzzle cubes onto a flat surface – you get an instant view of that surface you chose – and you can manipulate it, flip it, rotate it, and then select patterns with its mirrored front face.

The cubes in each level of this popular game are made of a variety of materials including magnetic, glass, ceramic, and more. By using the photo crystals included, you can personalize the surface of each cube. This is an amazing way to be the envy of the table. Your photo crystals will be an heirloom that you can pass down from generation to generation – and be delighted by upon discovering its many uses.

One of the most popular uses is for creation of unique puzzles. Kids love creating puzzles and we know that they love to use their imaginations. With 3d photo crystals and personalized crystal cubes, your child can create mind-blowing puzzles that their friends will be envious of. The photo crystals in this game have lighted patterns that are activated by touch – much like traditional flashcards used to teach children’s word recognition. You can also use the cubes to create very fun photo puzzles that will be a big hit among your family. We’ve found that these types of puzzles are especially popular with pre-school age children.

Let your little one to choose from a variety of colors and patterns to fit their personality. You can even order a custom photograph so that it can have the lighted pattern that you desire. This is a great way to teach your child colors and the art of taking simple pictures. You can easily create fun photo activities such as coloring pictures using this technique. The more you create with this method the more the child will enjoy it. You can also let them take over the project and work together on the photo activity so that it is truly a collaboration of two minds.

You can also turn these photo crystals into LED lights. These lights can be bought cheaply at your nearest Wal-Mart or other home improvement stores. A photo LED light can be placed anywhere that you like in your house. They are easy to install and will give your walls or rooms an instant photo lighted pattern.

Personalized photo lights are a great way to encourage creativity. Your children will love being able to rearrange the photo crystals and LED lights to create a multitude of fun photo activities. If you have some artistic ability you can make some photo jewelry for your friends or even sell them. You can even use these lights to light up a picnic table or desk during a get together. If you want to light up your garage, you can find some inexpensive lighted garage light that can be attached to the roof of your car. You will definitely give your garage a unique look when you use these creatively designed photo lights.