How to Care For Your Crystal Necklace

The crystal necklace is not just a fashion accessory, it is a unique way to express your inner being. Many people love to buy the latest trends in clothing, but many others have the most eclectic taste and love to find unique accessories that have no place in the mainstream market. A unique necklace like the crystal necklace can give you the sparkle that is necessary to make you stand out from everyone else. Here are some tips for how to take care of your necklace, to keep it sparkling and beautiful for years to come.

The first step to taking care of your jewelry is to never drop your jewelry or tarnish it by accident. If you notice any of these signs, clean it off immediately. If you want to use an alcohol based jewelry cleaner on your necklace, use some type of jewelry cleaner that you purchase from the store. Never put your necklace through the dishwasher as this could scratch the precious crystals. Make sure you clean the jewelry on a regular basis to ensure that it stays sparkling.

Always store your necklace in a cool dry place. It is a good idea to put your necklace in a cabinet or drawer that has air flow in it, this will prevent your necklace from getting too warm or too cold. If you do choose to store your necklace in a cabinet, always be sure to open the cabinet to let the air flow out of it. Avoid keeping your necklace inside a plastic bag and avoid leaving your necklace in a freezer bag as well. Crystal jewelry takes a beating when they are stored this way, so keeping them cold is the best idea.

Don’t touch your jewelry with bare hands, even if you feel comfortable doing so. Any type of rough materials could cause your necklaces to be scratched. You might be surprised at how often your hands accidentally scratch your necklace, so take your time to avoid doing so.

Jewelry should also never be placed in plastic bags. When you are putting jewelry into these types of bags, never ever use anything abrasive, such as a metal polishing brush or wire brush to clean your necklace. These items will scratch the fine crystals in the necklace making it impossible to repair. Use a soft cloth to wipe down the necklace when you are cleaning it, as this will allow you to get the most of the cleaning agent that is needed.

As you can see, it is not difficult to take care of your jewelry. This kind of jewelry can be worn every day and given as a gift to someone special, and still look great. Be sure to give it the attention it deserves to stay in tip top condition for a long time.