Chocolate Matcha

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The Most Interesting organic Matcha from the hills of Japan.

  • Green clean source of caffeinated energy
  • Immune system & metabolism boost
  • Enhances focus & relaxation
  • Natural body & skin detox

What better way to start the day other than with this fabulous flavored matcha? When chocolate and matcha meet, be ready for an unexpected addictive experience! This Matcha is perfect to replace your usual morning coffee or hot chocolate with a much healthier drink that would still give you the energy boost you need!

  • Our Matcha is Vegan and 100% Cruelty-free. 
  • This product contains Caffeine.
  • This product is free from Heavy Metal, Pesticide and Radiation (tested by a third party organization)

Taste: Our Chocolate Matcha taste like Matcha (earthy green grassy taste) with very subtle chocolate undertones.

Nutrition facts: (Serv. size 1.5g) 0 Kcal, Fat 0g, Total Carb 0g, Fiber 0g, Protein 0g.

Brewing Instructions: Sift 1/2 to 1 tsp of Matcha into bowl. Add 2 to 3 oz of pre-boiling water (175°F ideal). Briskly whisk in W motion until froth forms on top. Add water and adjust proportions to taste. Sip, enjoy and relax.

Also delicious in other drinks or recipes!

Servings: depending on how strong you like your matcha around 20-30 servings/can

PREGNANCY SAFE: this product is considered safe to drink while pregnant/ breastfeeding. We always recommend consulting with your doctor first to ensure this is right for you at this time. This product does contain caffeine so we also recommend to limit your caffeine intake while pregnant of breastfeeding.

Shelf Life: 6 months after opening the product as long as it is kept in a dry and cool space.

It’s time to simplify what you put in your body ! Our mission is to offer quality yummy ancient superfoods that you can trust and easily incorporate into your routine to become a healthier version of yourself. We receive monthly fresh batches from the farmers we work closely with and keep everything ultra fresh so you only receive very high nutrient superfoods. If you're not happy, we'll always reimburse, no questions asked !

Matcha Green Tea (Product of Uji, Kyoto Japan), Chocolate Flavor Extract (flavor ratio is less than 2%), Caffeine 432mg/can (14.4mg of caffeine/1g serving)


• Shake or whisk into water, milk, juice
• Blend into smoothies or bowls
• Stir into oats, salad dressings or yogurts
• Add into your favorite baking recipes

Blend everything and serve. Feel free to add your favorite toppings. 

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